Walk, if you are in a desert…

Hi guys outside,

I am very sorry, that I cannot free up some time, to post on a more regular basis‚Ķ it is not about freeing up some time, it is more about do it ūüôā Sorry for that!!

Currently I have some difficult times and it is a complete new experience for me….a good one and I am sure, it will strengthen my capabilities once I successfully handled this situation.

Few days or already weeks ago, I have had a real good chat with one of the best leaders I know. He told me, let’s assume, you are in a desert‚Ķ.45 degrees warm during the day and -15 degrees cold during the night. Nobody is with you and you have limited amount of water left. What are you doing?

You have two choices:

  1. Wait until somebody might find you
  2. Walk to help yourself

If you wait until somebody might pick you up, it might be too late for you and you were passive and not trying to solve you problem with your own capabilities and skill. – Not a good option!!

If you decide to walk, which is the better option, because with each step you come more close to the boarder of the dessert and to the “rettendem Ufer”. But don’t make the mistake to think about the situation you are in: hopeless situation, limited water, I will die, because I won’t make it etc.¬†Instead of this, focus and concentrate on every little step you do. Each and every step is a small step out of this dilemma. And if you have the will and the focus, you will manage it.

My current situation is somehow similar and I started to concentrate on the stepps out of the dilemma, not on the dilemma itself and maybe you won’t believe it or it sounds very obvious, my situation feels better for me. I can handle it better in¬†my daily life¬†and I am sure, I will master this challenge.

@leader: thank you!!

All the best!
Carsten the walking guy.